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Objectives and Benefits

The enforcement process is replacing voluntary execution and its function is to satisfy the court accknowledged right of the creditor and to repay the debtor’s obligation.

Our objective is to act quickly, efficiently, transparently and lawfully in the enforcement of each court decision, all the time keeping the balance between the needs of the creditor and the rights of the debtor.
The most important thing for us that the creditor has full trust that we have done the maximum to protect his/ her interest and that he/she has received what is due to them in a legal and fair way.

For reaching the above objectives:

-    We created a team of experts, who are very familiar with legislation, as well as the best Bulgarian and European practices;
-    We treat every creditor and debtor with the due respect, and at the same time we do not allow any diversions from the goal of enforcing every court document, irrespective of the personality and social standing of the debtor;
-    We maintain excellent contacts with Bulgarian institutions which facilitates the speed and efficiency of our work;
-    We utilize the possibilities of electronic technologies and keep electronic communications with all the possible data bases in the country;
-    We provide the opportunity that each creditor reviews all the information on their cases on their own computer, without losing time for making office visits; this includes also the possibility to make different reports on the status and results of the proceedings;
-    We have contacts and constant communication with enforcement officers in other European countries and the International Union of Enforcement Officers, which gives us the possibility to quickly learn about the new developments in the profession in Europe, as well as assist Bulgarian creditors to enforce abroad when the debtor or his/ her property is located outside of the country;
-    We strictly apply the Code of Ethics of the private enforcement agents.

We will do for you everything the Law allows us to do so that you receive whatever is due to you in a LAWFUL, CORRECT, and HONORABLE WAY.

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