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Enforced collection of judicial acts under the Civil Procedure Code:
-    Collection of monitory claims;
-    Delivery of the possession over movable chattels and immovable properties;
-    Execution of judgments convicting a debtor to perform certain activities;
-    Public sale of estates subject to partition.

Enforcement of security measures permitted by the court:
- Distraints on chattels and receivables;
- Other measures adjudicated by the court.

Enforcement of acts of the Administrative Courts under the Administrative Procedural Code.

Collection of public receivables under the Tax-Insurance Procedure Code assigned by a state authority or municipality.

Other activities:
- Comprehensive study of the debtor’s property at the creditor’s request under the initiated enforcement cases;
- Determination of the most appropriate and efficient method of execution (ex-officio progress of the case) at the creditor’s request under the initiated enforcement cases;
- Safeguarding the property provided as security at the parties’ request;
- Intermediation for reaching an agreement between the parties under the enforcement cases;
- Execution under the Special Pledges Act at the secured creditor’s request (sale of pledged property under the Special Pledges Act or the Civil Procedure Code and performing the functions of a depository);
- Serving summons, notices and papers pertaining to claims (at the party’s request and upon the court’s order);
- Serving private documents, notary invitations, etc.

More information can be obtained at http://www.bcpea.org/news.php?readmore=20

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